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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I love stamping but there are other things that I love as much.  And since I don't have any new cards to show you I thought that I would tell you about one of my other loves. 
Tea Parties. 
Check my boards on Pinterest and you'll a board for tea parties where I've posted a bunch of pictures of tea parties and tea sets.  I love tea parties. 
So here's a picture of an Easter tea party.  Hope this inspires you to get out the good china and brew a cup of tea.
If I don't get to distracted maybe I'll post some recipie's for scones and shortbread.


  1. Beautiful tea set!!! As you know from shopping with me in Salt Lake City, I too love to drink tea, but have never had a tea party! But I probably will at Retreat next weekend because I'm taking my flavored Teavana Tea and Trish is bringing the tea maker!!

  2. I super love tea and Sandi, I think we had tea parties when we were kids. Remember the mud cakes we made and the acorn holder was our saucer. lol Memories, aren't the great. I did go to a real one in Marshall where Trish lives at a B&B back in 90's