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Friday, May 7, 2010

Simply Adorned Charms and Chains

You know how sometimes you see something and you think "that doesn't really do anything for me" and then you see it in real life and you screaming " I gotta have it". Well, that's the way I was with the Simply Adorned Charms. The pictures in the catalog don't really show how beautiful these are. But when I saw one at convention last year I knew that I would be getting some. Well I've finally got a couple of them and they are great. This picture is of the 5/8" square charm and bracelet and the 1 x 1 1/4" rectangle charm. Here's the other side of the charms. This picture shows the beveled glass really well. Only one side is beveled. The small charm is not beveled. Not quite big enough but it's still beautiful.
And the really wonderful thing about these is that you can change the insert in the charms. Now you can have one necklace or bracelet that goes with anything or any season. You just make your own inserts and change them as often as you like. Here's some that I've made and I just signed up for a charm insert swap so I'll be getting lots more.

Most of these were stamped but the second one in the middle row is just paper cut to fit so even if your not real crafty you can still have a beautiful necklace. Not that I'm saying the skull is beautiful but I thought that it would be great for Halloween. I plan on making inserts for every holiday.
AND I plan on doing a class for these. Details will be posted in a couple of days. These will make great presents and graduation is coming up.

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  1. I love all your designs Lynn!! These pictures don't really do them justice however, as I saw yours at last meeting in the necklace and it was gorgeous. I can't wait for the swap. I would like the skull one (not for myself), because I do not have the DSP and probably won't buy. I have a specific person in mind to have it and I am getting the necklace for her birthday. Thanks for the inspiration, now I hope Ronda e-mail us to give us details of swap because I didn't really hear at meeting.