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Monday, May 10, 2010

More Big Shot and Fabric

This is continuing the previous post about the Big Shot and fabric. We all got to make some quilt blocks to bring home with us. This first one uses both the scallop square die and the scallop circles die.
The block above and the one below both use the 5 point star die.

The really cool thing about the quilts is that there's not much sewing on them. The blocks that we made have no sewing at all, so far. You just lay your material out and then glue down the pieces using the Anywhere Glue Stick. Then, when the quilt is quilted everything gets sewn down. You just sew about 1/4" inside the edge and when the quilt is washed you have a rag quilt. And if you look at the last picture from yesterday you'll see that the center part of the quilt is one big piece instead of blocks. But if you want to quilt it youself and you only have a regular machine then you could make the blocks and quilt them before you put the blocks together.

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  1. Wow, what a great event to attend -- love all of these. I don't know how I missed your earlier post, as it didn't show up on my blog that you updated until tonight. Thanks for sharing, and now I know more than ever that you should be doing the RubberQueen banner!