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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Here's my first Easter card. This one is a treat holder. The card stock is 4 1/4 X 11 and folded up at the bottom and then fold the top down over the bottom just a little. This is the outside of the card. Here is the inside of the card. Put a couple of brads at the top of the piece that was folded up and you've made a pocket to put something in. It will hold a flat candy bar or a small, flat gift such as a hankie. Or you could put in a picture or a note. Just be careful when stamping the greeting on. The first time I did it I had the greeting upside down.

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  1. LOL, now that is something I would do (put greeting on upside down). I will be stealing this card fold for my next class Lynn. I like it a lot. This fold would be great for a "Note" or "Thinking of You" card because it gives the sender the whole inside to write a note. tyfs