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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Paper Pumpkin Party

Welcome to my Paper Pumpkin Party.  I really wanted to make a video but my cell phone has taken a grudge against me and won't let me upload pics or video's.  So this is what you'll get.  I want to introduce you all to Paper Pumpkin.  What is Paper Pumpkn?  It's a monthly subscription to a paper craft project.  Or, as some people call it, a party in a box.  Every month you'll get one of these cute red boxes with a project in it.  And it has everything you need except some adhesive and a pair of scissors. 
Every month is different and we never know what we'll get but it'll always be a paper craft. 
Here's the May kit.  Everything is in the box and even includes the instructions.  Speaking from experience it's always worth while to read the instructions before you start.  This kit has everything you need to make 8 cards and the envelopes are included. 

Here's one of the finished cards.  It's laying open because I just plain forgot to close it up for the picture.  The card base's have 2 different lattice patterns on them.  And there are 2 different sets of "Happy" stickers for you to use.  And there are extra ones in the kit just in case you make a mistake.  This kit has a stamp set with 20 different stamps.  The stamps are always photopolymer stamps that you use with an acrylic block.  The very first time that you sign up you will get a block in your first kit.  But if you lose the block you can always buy another one. 

And if you're a paper person you probably have lots of paper on hand and you can change the kit.  Here's some examples of how people have changed the kit to something that they like better.
This first card show the second lattice design and uses a floral paper behind the lattice.
Don't like the orange background?  Just change it to blue.

Here's a cute birthday card for a girl.

And here's a beautiful Christmas card that uses gold glitter paper behind the lattice.

So why am I showing you this now?  Because there's a special going on and it's perfect for the person who's not sure if they would like this.  Starting today, Thurs. June 9 at 7:00pm until Friday, June 10 at 11:50pm you can subscribe and get the first kit for only $5.00.  Normally the kits are $20.00.  If you want to take advantage of this deal be sure to enter the promo code "onedaydeal"  You'll find the deal on www.paperpumpkin.com.  If you decide to sign up please list me as your demonstrator.
Afraid that you won't like this and then you're stuck.  Not so.  You can go back to paperpumpkin.com and cancel your subscription at any time. 
And I'm going to give you a chance to win a kit from me.  Just comment on this post and I'll draw a name to win a kit and a cute bag to carry your kit with you.  But I won't do this until after midnight tomorrow night so that everyone has a chance to win.  If you don't win here be sure to visit me at the Women's Expo next Friday, June 17 in Ashley.  I'll be doing a drawing again on that day.
These would make great gifts for someone else.  Even young children like Paper Pumpkin.   Don't like to craft alone?  Get a friend to sign up with you and each month get together and have fun.
Have questions, post them here and I'll answer them. 
Keep checking back because I'll be posting more pictures.

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