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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Another retired stamp

 I've found another favorite stamp that is retiring and it's not on the retired list.  It's the personalized stamps.  There are none in the new catalog.  So if you've ever wanted a personalized stamp you'd better get it ordered before May 30th.  My favorite of all the personalized stamps is this photopolymer circle stamp.  You can customize it to say whatever you want.  Here's a couple of them that are mine and a couple that I had made for my sister and my sister-in-laws.  It's so much fun thinking of all the things that you can have put on them.  Do you have friends that are in direct sales?  Make them a stamp with their company name on it.  They'll love it.  I'll post a couple more ideas tomorrow.  Just remember that these are only available until May 30th.

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